About IIT

Information and Instructional Technology (IIT) is composed of four distinct divisions that all work together to provide technology access, support, maintenance, and training to the College community. Read on to learn about the most common services offered by each division.

Applications and Web Services

Student Information Support

Provides support for Banner, Degree Works, and related functional office business applications, and database services to the College.

Web Services

Oversees SaaS operations, and engage in the planning, development, and implementation of custom web applications and services for Delaware Tech.

Project Management

Offers project management and software evaluation services for IIT and Collegewide projects.

Center for Creative Instruction and Technology


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Instructional Design

Assists in the design and redesign of course and curriculum , from syllabus design to content pacing to lesson planning.

LMS Support

Provides training and support related to the College’s learning management systems, including both troubleshooting and course design best practices.

Faculty Development

Offers workshops, departmental training, online orientations, and the IDT Certificate Program in order to provide Delaware Tech with cutting edge professional development related to all things teaching and learning.

Computing and Media Support

Classroom Technology

Supports, repairs, and installs classroom technology, such as projectors and SMART boards.

Tech Support

Supports hardware and software troubleshooting for issues related to printers, computer applications, scanners, etc.

Computer Maintenance

Installs critical software and security updates on office workstations, classroom computers, and other machines throughout the College

Systems Administration

Network Connectivity

Provides wired and wireless access to the internet and College network resources.

Network Security

Ensures compliance with security standards necessary for the safe storing of user data, files, and information.

Infrastructure Maintenance

Maintains the function and integrity of systems such as network, email, wireless, and internet access.