How do I edit, save and export my course evaluation report?

Edit, Save, Export Report

After the report has been generated select:

  1. Filters: To edit the report criteria.
  2. Save: To save the report to your Report Builder 2.0 dashboard.
  3. Delete: To delete the report.
  4. Copy: To make a copy of the report.
  5. Excel: To export a raw data report to Excel that correlates with the filters applied.
  6. PDF: To export results to PDF format that correlates with the filters and view applied.

Report Views

For each of the report types you can choose to view the data interactively using one of five different report views. Below are examples of the same data for the same question in the five different views.

Note: The selected Project (s) are displayed on the left of each question, and a legend for each view is displayed to the right of each question:







Box Plot: