How do I export contacts from the old email system?

Prior to Saturday 6/22/18 you will be able to export your email contact from the old email system by following the instructions below.

After 6/25/18 IIT will be able to assist you in importing old email contacts into the new email system.

Note: Distribution lists cannot be exported or imported. We suggest that you take a screenshot of each list so that they can be manually recreated in Outlook.

  1. Log into MyDTCC at
  2. Click the Email tab
  3. Click the Contacts tab
  4. Choose “Export Contacts”Click contact and export contactss
  5. Choose Save File. Your browser may allow you to choose the location to save the file. If not, the file will save to Downloads. Be sure you know the location of the file so that it can later be imported into Outlook
    Save file to local drive
  6. Click OK