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Welcome back to Campus, this checklist will help you be successful in your return.  If you do have difficulty with technology, please submit a ticket by selecting the “Submit Ticket” button below, give us a call at 302-857-1700, or just stop by the office on your campus.


checkbox tall1. (If Required) Change your voicemail

Check Box2. Update greeting on phone if changed for remote work.

Please note you must be logged in to MyDTCC to access the link above.

  1. Dialing to outside line optionTo call someone at Delaware Tech, dial the last 4 digits of their phone number.
  2. To call someone outside of Delaware Tech, dial 9 and then dial the phone number.
  3. To make a long-distance phone call, dial 9, then 1, and then the area code followed by the remainder of the phone number.
    Example: 9-1 (555) 123-4567


  1. New Users should call from your office phone to set up your new voicemail box.
  2. There is a 3-minute tutorial and it is advised that you listen to the the tutorial in it’s entirety.  If you do not complete all the steps necessary, you will need to start over. 
    1. Dial one of the numbers below. The number you dial will depend upon the campus where you work.
      Voicemail Setup Campus phone numbers
    2. When prompted, enter the security code 654321. If you hear “invalid security code”, contact the help desk (x1700) for support with changing the name assigned to the phone.
    3. Follow the prompts, you will be asked to
      1. Change your Security Code (Must be at least five digits)
      2. Record your name and a personal greeting.
  3. Returning users should call in to your campus voicemail box to make changes to your voicemail messages.
    1. Use your existing security code to enter the system
    2. If you have forgotten your security code, call the help desk (x1700) for support.

You will have an opportunity to set up your voicemail greetingsHere are two examples of voicemail greetings that model professionalism and warmth. 

  • Sample standard voicemail greeting:
    Hello, this is Jim Smith, administrative assistant in Delaware Tech’s Terry campus business services office. I am currently away from my phone or speaking with someone on the other line. If you leave me a message that includes your name, telephone number and reason for calling, I will return your call as soon as possible.
  • Sample out of office voicemail greeting:
    Hello, you have reached Jim Smith, administrative assistant in Delaware Tech’s Terry campus business services office. I will be out of the office until Feb. 14. If you would like to leave a message, that includes your name, telephone number and reason for calling, I will call you back soon after I return. If you need immediate assistance, please contact my supervisor, Suzy Jones, at 302-857-XXXX. Thank you. 

  1. Dial one of the numbers below.
    Check voicemail phone numbers for each campus
  2.  If you call from your phone, you will automatically be prompted to enter your security code.
  3. Select the hash key buttonIf you call from 0ff-campus or from another phone on-campus, after you hear “You have reached Delaware Technical Community College”, press the # key.
    1. You will be prompted to enter your mailbox number (last 4 of your office phone number) and then your security code
  1. Your messages should begin to play automatically. If they do not, press “1” to Listen to New Messages.
    1. Menu OptionsWhile listening to new messages: Menu options
      4 = Erase message
      5 = Save message
      7 = Skip message
      * = Return to Main Menu
    2. From the Main Menu, you have other options
      1 = Listen to New Messages
      2 = Record & Send a Message
      3 = Phone Manager Functions
      – Change greeting & change password
      4 = Listen to Saved Messages
      7 = Retrieve Deleted Messages
      * = Quit (returns to Main Menu)
      ** = Disconnect/hang-up

There are expectations for answering voicemails that include some basic etiquette. 

  • Unless you are on leave, voicemail messages are expected to be returned within 24 hours during the work week. 
  • Delaware Technical Community College employees are expected to check their voicemail regularly and should not direct callers to reach out by email in lieu of leaving a voicemail.  

There are times that you may need to transfer a call. When transferring a call, it is important to convey a high level of customer service and professionalism and this can be done with a “warm transfer”. This means that the original call will be transferred along with information to prevent them from having to explain their reason for calling over and over. Here is an example of how you might conduct a warm transfer.

  1. The transfer buttonSample Scenario: A student calls.
    1. First, collect information from the caller that includes their name and the reason for their call.
    2. While on the phone, press the “Transfer” button and listen for a stutter dial tone.
    3. Dial the 4-digit extension of the individual to whom you wish to transfer the call.
      1. To announce the call for a warm transfer, remain on the line.
      2. When the individual answers, provide a brief overview of the reason that the caller has contacted the department.
      3. Hang up.
    4. If the individual to whom you are transferring is unavailable, press the “Transfer” button again and you will be able to speak to the caller once more:
      1. You can then attempt to transfer the caller to another individual.
      2. You can provide the caller with the phone numbers or emails to use for future contact.


Check Box1. Make sure your power cord is plugged in and the power strip is turned on.

Check Box2. Start up your computer (as early as possible to allow for any updates)

Check Box3. Check audio and video are working (webcam/headphones/speakers)

Check Box4. Run Zoom test if that is utilized (http://zoom.us/test)

5. Launch and test any special software you may use.Check Box

Check Box6. Turn off your Out of Office (if on)

Check Box7. Username and password error: Is your CAPS LOCK on? Are any of the keys on your keyboard sticking?

Check Box8. Ensure all your cables are plugged in securely.


Check Box1. Check that paper in the printer is good.

Check Box2. Check the connection to the printer and print a test sheet.

Check Box3. If your printer quality is poor, submit a ticket to replace the ink cartridge or toner.