Outlook 2016 Quick Start

Discover your Outlook inbox for the first time and see how everything’s organized.

Overview of Outlook layout

  • Folders are available in the Folder Pane. Some folders are pre-populated, or you can create new ones.
  • Inbox is located in the Message List.
  • Emails open in the Reading Pane.
  • A To-Do bar lets you see your calendar, schedule, and people you work with.
  • The Ribbon gives you more options to organize emails.

Change the appearance of your email

  • Select View.From here, you can:
    • Change the size of the Folder Pane.
    • Move the Reading Pane.
    • Turn the To-Do bar on or off.

See more email options

  • Right-click folders in the Folder Pane to see common organization actions.
  • Right-click an email in the Message List to show more message options.
  • Right-click the Reading Pane for additional email commands such as translation.